How to Use 3uTools


3uTools now come with the all in one tool for ios where it is the best and the easiest way to manage or backup your iphone , ipod and ipad or any other ios device and other features like download apps ,wallpapers ,ringtones ,manage files, and also 3utools jailbreak feature is available with developed options. This tool for ios devices comes in 8 language versions and 3utools can manage files, apps, media files and all other data in your ios device ,make ringtones, clean up junk files and convert video formats . Not like itunes , 3uTools comes with the updated feature of flashing which enables the users to flash any ios for their devices very easily.

What can you do with 3u Tools

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3uTools is considered to be one of the most powerful flash tools wherein the users can select a different IOS firmware either to upgrade or downgrade their idevices. Normal users can use the “easy flash method , pro flash method can also be used if the users want to view the whole process. Furthermore multiple flash method allows the users to flash different idevices at the same time. The 3utool jailbreak feature allows the ios device users to install apps to your device other than the apps that are found in the itunes app store. The users can select the matching jailbreak to their ios version and product type on the 3utools and then jailbreak the device in all the modes; normal, recovery or DFU mode. Furthermore if the users are having problems with the icloud lock they can use the 3utools app to disable the icloud lock.

3utools offers the users with a backup and restore feature that enables you to backup your device in to your computer and then to restore the data. Other than the restore feature users are allowed to manage their backups when needed and even they can put a password for their backup file.

The users can view all the information of their device and specially it provides full information of the battery life of the device. Moreover you can install and uninstall apps using 3uTools and also all the photos , music and ringtones of your device could be viewed and backedup on to your PC in case of any data loss. With the online feature available in the 3utools now the users can download various apps ,wallpapers free of charge. Other than those a tool box feature is also available in 3utools for the users to use when needed.

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Is 3u Tools safe to use?

Yes. The 3uTools download software has been developed by making sure that there is no malicious or other harmful data in the app. The information collected from the users when downloading apps from 3utools are collected only to personalize the users’ experience, to improve the website or to improve customer service and the information will not be transferred to outside parties and also a lot of security measures have been implemented for the safety of your personal information.


How do I use 3uTools on iPhone?

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You can use the ios devices 3uTools to restore your disabled iphone. You have to connect your iphone to your PC and put your iphone in to the recovery mode or the DFU mode so that it enables 3utool to detect your iphone. Then click on flash and jailbreak , easy flash mode and select the ios firmware for your iphone and then click flash. The firmware will next autoplay and will be downloaded and the iphone will be flashed by 3utools. After few seconds the process will be ended and you will be allowed to activate your iphone using 3uTools or even manually too.

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